Audio-Technica Bluetooth Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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The ATH-SR30BT wireless over-ear headphones deliver the exceptionally pure audio of Sound Reality in a convenient wireless design. With exclusively designed 40 mm drivers and a dual-layer isolation housing structure that optimizes phase and transient response you'll enjoy powerful full-range audio reproduction from a Bluetooth wireless signal. What's more the internal battery provides a remarkable 70 hours of continuous use on a full charge. Whether it’s on the boardroom table the stage or in the studio Audio-Technica products are trusted time and again by industry professionals looking for reliable lovingly developed audio products for all budgets. It’s Audio-Technica’s commitment to innovation customer service and meticulous design that ensure professionals turn to us to provide solutions in conferencing houses of worship broadcasting live sound recording studios and beyond. For over 50 years Audio-Technica has worked alongside leading figures in sports and music broadcast to develop and hone a range of products that deliver on the highest level. Audio-Technica has developed and delivered products to power the Grammys World Cup Super Bowl Commonwealth Games as well as every Summer and Winter Games from Atlanta 1996 to Sochi 2014. Founded in 1962 by Hideo Matsushita Audio-Technica positioned itself immediately as a leader in the manufacture and design of innovative audio products. It’s expertise in innovation quickly spread to various new fields and led to the development of tone arms microphones and headphones. Audio-Technica soon became a benchmark in those fields. A self-made man and audiophile it all started in his workshop with the hand crafting of stereo cartridges. 50 years later Audio-Technica has become a global leader in audio innovation. Humility passion creativity and expertise in sound are the core values behind Audio-Technica’s legacy greatly inspired by its founder - whose imprint on the company’s philosophy is still felt today. Audio-Technica’s passion for listening evolved in the ’70s when it started designing headphones building upon a legacy in innovation meticulous engineering and artistic design. Today Audio-Technica’s audio products have become globally synonymous with consistently high sonic performance paired with impeccable build construction and artistic design.


  • Exceptionally pure audio of sound reality in a wireless design.
  • Internal battery provides an astounding 70 hours of continuous use on a full charge.
  • Housing’s dual-layer isolation structure keeps the electric circuitry separate from the acoustic space for the optimal phase and transient response.
  • Lightweight fold-flat design for easy portability.
  • Mic and controls built into the earcup for convenient handling of calls music playback and volume adjustment.


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