Amped Wireless ProSeries High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender and Bridge

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The ProSeries High Power AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge is a multifaceted long-range business-class Wi-Fi Range Extender / Bridge with a unique set of 4 different modes. Range Extender mode allows it to extend the range of any existing Wi-Fi network. Firewall Range Extender mode extends the range of any Wi-Fi network and creates a secure firewall between the extended network and the existing network for added security. Network Bridge mode expands an existing network by connecting wirelessly to the network and providing two wired ports to expand the network. WDS-Bridge mode allows the REB175P to connect to an access point in WDS-AP mode to bridge the existing Wi-Fi network and provide additional wired ports to expand the network. The ProSeries AC1750 Range Extender / Bridge is equipped with twelve high power amplifiers and three high gain external antennas for up to 500mW of Wi-Fi output power. This combination of Amped Wireless High Power technology paired with blazing-fast AC1750 Wi-Fi technology delivers unmatched range and speed performance. It features the highest quality components and is tested under the strictest standard to ensure reliability and performance under demanding business environments. The ProSeries Range Extender supports advanced security features with the ability to support up to 30 Wi-Fi networks each with unique security and access configurations. Each Wi-Fi network features smart security features that allow for the isolation of connecting devices bandwidth restrictions network access restrictions VLANs max users settings MAC filtering access schedules and much more. The two-gigabit ports on the REB175P feature customized VLAN settings and bandwidth controls and Intrusion detection systems. Firewall Range Extender mode provides support for additional features such as Internal and external RADIUS servers port forwarding port filtering DMZ and other router-based features such as network address translations. Deploying the ProSeries High Power Solutions is simple with Power over Ethernet support and magnetic or wall-based mounting options.


  • Extends Wi-Fi coverage by up to 8 000 sq ft throughout a large office campus or business.
  • Blazing-fast AC1750 Wi-Fi speeds provide fast data transfers and seamless streaming.
  • Get better Wi-Fi coverage with 12 high power amplifiers and 3 high gain antennas.
  • Multiple operational modes: Range Extender Firewall Range Extender Network Bridge and WDS-Bridge.
  • Each Extender/Bridge supports 100 users and 30 Wi-Fi networks with unique security features.
  • Business-class access controls and advanced Wi-Fi security restrict network access and isolate devices.
  • Power over Ethernet and magnetic mounting brackets make installation easy.


30 Day Warranty




The Amped Wireless ProSeries High Power AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender and Bridge is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

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